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If you’ve ever enjoyed a massage service, you know how relaxing they can be. However, there are a variety of different kinds of massage service, and they can address a variety of needs. Let’s look at a few different types of massage service and see which one might be right for you.

Full Body Massage

As we go about our daily lives, our muscles accumulate tension and stress that can lead to discomfort and pain. While it’s common to have some areas of the body that are more stressed, such as the shoulders, back, and neck, you may find that, like many people, you have some level of discomfort in all of these areas and perhaps more besides.

The answer for pain and discomfort in multiple areas of your body is a full-body massage. The basic idea behind a full-body massage is that all the major muscle groups of your body—back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck—get the benefits of massage service, reducing tension and stress.

Full-body massage service usually starts with back and shoulders, and then moves down. You then flip over, and your massage therapist completes the massage service by working back up in reverse. It’s not uncommon for full-body massage service to include the scalp.

If you have an area you’d like your therapist to spend more time on, you can generally specify that in advance. It’s an entirely legitimate and common request. On the other hand, you may prefer for all areas to receive a good massage, or for your therapist to avoid certain areas—some people have ticklish feet, for example.

The most important thing when getting a full-body massage service is to tell your therapist what you’d like and what you are and are not comfortable with.

Ashiatsu Massage

Have you ever thought about having someone step on you, barefoot, as massage therapy?

It may sound shocking or difficult to believe, but the traditional Japanese technique of Ashiatsu or “foot pressure” massage is known to be incredibly relaxing and effective.

The basic idea of this type of massage service is that you lie down on a table underneath a set of bars that run across the ceiling. Your therapist stands over you, takes hold of the bars, and gives your muscles a massage service with their bare feet rather than their hands.

The beauty of Ashiatsu massage service is that your therapist won’t merely walk on your back (this is a common misunderstanding of the technique): they’ll use their feet to gently stroke and knead your muscles, a sensation that has been described as deep, broad, and flowing.

One of the really wonderful effects of Ashiatsu massage service is compression of the soft tissue, which releases tension and muscle spasm. What you’re likely to find is that Ashiatsu massage service gets deep into your muscles, and does so a lot faster than more conventional hand-and-arm techniques.

Indeed, Ashiatsu has been observed to be a particularly efficient form of massage service, capable of reproducing the effects of other massage techniques in much shorter periods of time.

Swedish Massage

If you have a mental image of any particular massage service, it’s likely that what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘massage’ is a Swedish massage.

This is no accident: Swedish massage is more or less the default type of massage service in the West, and it’s extremely relaxing and health-promoting. Swedish massage service is also very versatile, in that it can be slower and more gentle or vigorous and bracing, depending on what you’re looking for.

Swedish massage service usually starts with your therapist applying massage oil, which will help them to reduce friction with your skin as they are working on relaxing your muscles.

Traditionally, Swedish massage service includes a number of techniques, which have a series of effects on your muscle tissue. As with a full-body massage, you’re likely to start lying face down.

Your therapist will most likely start with your back, and then move down the backs of each of your legs. After that, your massage service therapist will work back up, from the fronts of the legs to your arms, neck, and shoulders.

At the beginning, a Swedish massage service will warm up your muscles, helping them to relax and let go of tension.

Over the course of the massage, your therapist will work to get deeper into your muscles, relaxing them from the surface, the layers right below the skin, all the way down. What you’re likely to notice as this happens is that so-called ‘knots,’ areas in which muscle tissue feels particularly tight and wound together, dissolve and go away.

Swedish massage is wonderful for improving your circulation, reducing cramps and spasms, and generally helping your muscles to feel better. If you’re in need of particularly deep tissue work, you’ll want to make sure you specify this with your therapist at the beginning, and plan on a longer—and more deeply relaxing—massage service session.

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Prenatal Massage

Can you get a massage if you’re pregnant? Yes, absolutely, and it’s good for you and for baby!

Pregnancy is no picnic, as anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you. You may struggle with anxiety, depression, and muscle aches and joint pains—all of which are particularly good reasons to get a prenatal massage service.

The thing about prenatal massage is that it’s less a distinct technique, and more an approach to giving massage service to expectant mothers. It’s a good idea to get a massage therapist who is licensed to give prenatal massage.

While a prenatal massage may describe any style of massage service properly applied to a pregnant women, some styles are more popular and better-advised. In fact, most prenatal massages in the West are Swedish massages, albeit modified for the needs and risks of the expectant mother and her baby.

Prenatal massage service has been shown to reduce the stress hormones norepinephrine and cortisol, and to boost the hormones dopamine and serotonin, which help you to feel better and more positive. Not only do these changes in hormone levels feel good, they also do good, leading to fewer complications during birth and fewer complications for your newborn baby.

Sports Massage

If you have a particular area of your body that needs special attention, consider a sports massage. While sports massage service was originally developed to benefit athletes, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t get one even if you’re not an athlete.

With sports massage service, your therapist will concentrate on a particular area of your body that is having some pain or discomfort. Usually, these areas have a strong association with a sport, i.e. running, tennis, golf, etc.

During the massage service, your therapist may use Swedish massage techniques to promote circulation, or so-called trigger point therapy to focus on particular knots in your muscles. Sports massages are usually relatively short, perhaps 15-45 minutes, because they focus on one particular area.

Over time, a sports massage service can work wonders for the targeted area, helping you to regain function and reduce pain.


Massage may be one of the few pleasures of life that can not only help you to feel better, but also to be better. As we’ve seen here, massage has important health benefits which can greatly improve your wellbeing and help you to enjoy a life free of pain, stress, and poor sleep.

Here at About Touch, we use the power of massage to help you experience a better and healthier state of being. If you’d like to learn more about our services or book an appointment, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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Jennifer is wonderful. She’s always very good at finding my sore spots and seems to intuitively know the right amount of pressure to use. I highly recommend her services.
I have gone to About Touch two different times. The office is small yet comfortable. I have low back and hip issues from a previous car accident a couple years ago and both times I went in tight and hurting and came out feeling much better. I would and have highly recommend this place to anyone looking for massage therapy.

Elena is amazing. Not only did her massage work help my back recover from two years of limping on an injured foot, she also gave me resources to help myself. She’s a natural educator who explained the physiology of my back like no other healthcare provider has done. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer others to Elena and About Touch.

I have been going to Jennifer for therapeutic massage for 7 years. I am so glad we found About Touch! Jennifer helped get my husband back to health after he broke his back. We have bought several gift certificates for friends and family. They have all loved to receive a massage as a gift!


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