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About Touch Massage is focused on your health and wellness, body and spirit, and the results speak for themselves: we’ve been named the Reader’s Choice Winner for several years running!


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At About Touch, we take pride in offering many different modalities to meet your health and wellness needs. Often, our clients choose to incorporate different treatments into their wellness plan, ranging from massage, to acupuncture, ashiatsu as well as add-on services like aromatherapy, hot rocks and heavenly feet. Helping you relax and rejuvenate is at the core of what we do and is one of the reasons we’ve been voted the best massage in Eugene for several years running. We look forward to serving you!


About Touch is conveniently located at 425 W. 3rd Avenue in Eugene, Oregon. We are across the street from REI.

Insurance Billing

We accept and bill auto and health insurance and are happy to check your policy to see if your insurance plan covers massage therapy, acupuncture and Rolfing(R).

Auto insurance policies often cover massage therapy for injuries sustained from your accident. We can help you navigate the process for filing your auto insurance claim.

We are happy to check your individual policy to see if your insurance plan covers our treatments. Currently, we are not able to accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield and instead can provide you with a receipt you may submit for possible reimbursement. For more details, click the Learn More button below.

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Massage Spa Service

We are experts in using massage to help you heal, relax, destress, and unwind. Our massage therapists will help you select the massage modality that is right for your visit, or develop a plan to help you treat chronic pain or injury over a series of visits. Remember, we bill insurance!

Swedish Massage: A Wonderful Default

If you’re a first-time massage patient, Swedish massage is often the first thing most people think of when they hear the word “massage.” The reason is that Swedish massage is known for being deeply relaxing. In short, it feels wonderful! Swedish massage is great for first-time or beginners because it includes several different techniques: long, sweeping strokes over muscles; kneading muscles to yield deeper relaxation; rhythmic tapping; friction and rapid rubbing for warthm, and vibration to loosen tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage: Great for Pain Management

For those who suffer from chronic aches and pains, deep tissue massage can provide relief and relaxation. Deep tissue massage is more specialized than Swedish massage, as it is designed to get down deep and address the kinds of pain, stiffness, tightness, and soreness that cause discomfort and pain. From lower back to tennis elbow to limited mobility to fibromyalgia, deep tissue massage can help get you back to living life again. Deep tissue massage techniques typically include lighter pressure at the beginning of the massage in order to warm up muscles. Then, your therapist will use two main deeper techniques: stripping of knots in the muscles, using deep, gliding pressure applied lengthwise to muscle fibers; and friction, which is characterized by pressure across the grain of the muscle.

Trigger-Point Therapy

If you have sensitive, painful feelings in one particular location — often in one’s back or neck — then trigger-point therapy may be a massage modality to consider. The term “trigger point” is used to describe sensitive, painful muscle knots that can develop in different parts of the body. Physicians are unsure why or how these trigger points develop, but trigger point massage therapy can provide tremendous relief through rubbing and pressure-based techniques. Often delivered over a series of sessions, trigger point therapy is something you should discuss with your massage therapist, who will evaluate your condition and recommend a treatment plan that helps you minimize and eliminate pain.

Sports Massage: Recover from Injury

While strongly associated with sports injuries and recovery, sports massage can be beneficial for everyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort in a specific area of the body. This may come from a recent injury from running, tennis, golf, or other high-impact sports. Sports massage techniques are similar to the same kind of techniques used in Swedish massage, but may also include the use of trigger-point therapy. So, whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just feeling pain in a specific part of your body, try searching for a massage service near me and asking about sports massage.

Neuromuscular Therapy: The Lower Back Pain Specialist

If you have particularly bad problem with lower back pain or other deep muscle spasms, neuromuscular therapy may be just what the doctor ordered. This massage modality is designed specifically for very painful muscle spasms, and it works by concentrated pressure used to restore blood flow to a targeted muscle group. Pain in muscles is often associated with involuntary muscle spasms, and this happens when muscle is unable to receive proper blood flow. Without sufficient oxygen, muscles begin producing lactic acid. Lactic acid is what causes muscles to feel sore, or burn, after activity — but a spasm can produce the same effect at a level that is pathological and painful. Neuromuscular therapy uses pressure to force the muscle group to relax. A gentle warning: neuromuscular therapy may hurt initially, but will produce relief and as part of a treatment program over several sessions can save you a great deal of pain down the road.

Pregnancy Massage: For Mother and Baby

If you’re pregnant and expecting, you should consider pregnancy massage — sometimes also known as prenatal massage. Pregnancy massage is great for expectant moms and their babies and carries some remarkable health benefits. Pregnancy can entail anxiety, depression, mood swings, aches, and pains. Pregnancy massage can help relieve all of these feelings and boost the hormones of dopamin and serotonin, which will help you feel better and lead to fewer complications during birth. In practice, most pregnancy massage techniques are based on Swedish massage. However, prenatal or pregnancy massage is also used to describe virtually any massage given to an expectant mother — so consult with your massage therapist for a treatment program that is best for you.