Deep Tissue Massage Has Many Benefits

Deep tissue massage is one of the best things you can for yourself if you need to relax. The benefits start with relaxation and decreased muscle tension, but also extend to include lower blood pressure, better health, and other, even more surprising effects.

If you’re experiencing stress or pain in your muscles, there are a number of very good reasons you should interest yourself in a deep tissue massage. Today we’ll look at those reasons and explore the ways this treatment can help you.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Treatment

There are a number of benefits associated with deep tissue treatment. Let’s go through a few of them, starting with the most obvious.

Massage Decreases Muscle Tension

Yes, deep tissue massage unquestionably decreases muscle tension, but it’s important to understand why.

When your muscles feel tight, cramped, and knotted, what you’re feeling is a deprivation of blood flow to those areas. That’s fundamentally why we get aches and pains in our muscles: over time and through use (and misuse) our muscles are subject to wear and tear and knotting, cutting off some areas from the blood flow they need to be healthy.

During a deep tissue massage, the pressure the massage therapist applies to your muscles causes the areas that have become cramped and knotted to relax. This restores the flow of blood, and ends the feelings of pain.

So, more blood flow means less pain. That’s an important thing to understand: it’s the fundamental reason we get uncomfortable in the first place, and it’s also why we find massage so relaxing.

Of course, this also points to the importance of massage, especially if you have stressed, aching, pained muscles often.

Massage Increases Relaxation and Well-Being

This one is also pretty obvious: when you get a deep tissue massage, you will find yourself relaxing and feeling a profound sense of wellbeing at a level you may not have thought possible.

The reason for this is in part all of that relaxing pressure applied to your muscle fibers. As your muscle fibers let go and the flow of blood is restored and improves, a lot of your aches and pains will go away.

In fact, part of what’s happening when you get a massage is a reduction in the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When levels of this hormone go down, so does your blood pressure.

Your immune system is also boosted, and you will have an easier time avoiding obesity, which is more of an issue for people who live with elevated levels of cortisol.

And, too, massage also releases endorphins, hormones which help your body to feel better and have a generally increased sense of wellbeing.

An endorphin release is mood-elevating, and will help you if you are feeling depressed or blue. In addition to exercise, one of the surest ways to stimulate a good endorphin release is a good massage, preferably a deep tissue massage.

Imagine what the effects of getting a deep tissue massage on a regular basis are: if you get one regularly, you’ll find yourself generally feeling healthier and actually being healthier as well, since more massage will mean less disease and discomfort.

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Massage Reduces Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Another benefit of deep tissue massage is a reduced heart rate and improved blood pressure. This too makes a great deal of sense: when you are less stressed, your heart rate goes down, and with it your blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure (hypertension), a reduced heart rate and blood pressure is certainly one of the most important things you can do for your health, along with other lifestyle changes. Getting a deep tissue massage, therefore, is a good way to help take care of your health.

Massage for Better Sleep and Productivity

You’ll sleep better after getting a massage. This is basically the consequence of all the relaxation we’ve been talking about: with something that relaxes you as much as a deep tissue massage does, it’s hard to see how you could not have better sleep.

This is an important benefit for people with insomnia. If you struggle with getting enough sleep, one of the best things to try is getting a deep tissue massage on a regular basis. Doing this will help you to relax and get the sleep you need.

With your body relaxed, you’ll likely experience better sleep for quite a while. Another benefit of this is that you’ll also have better productivity: people who sleep better also get more done at work and in their daily lives.

Given these facts, getting a massage is probably a good investment on a regular basis.

Massage to Recover from Injury or Treatment of Chronic Pain

Believe it or not, massage can also promote treatment of chronic pain. Even people with fibromyalgia benefit from massage.

This may seem surprising. How can something that makes you feel good also actually improve your condition?

The answer is the same as the general pattern we’ve seen: when you get a massage, the therapist kneads your muscles in ways that open up the fibers to restored blood flow. This, coupled with reduced levels of cortisol and the release of endorphins, leads to a reduction in pain and better feeling overall.

An additional health benefit is for people who are recovering from an injury. Not only can massage make you feel better, not only can it help you overcome pain, it can also speed up recovery from an actual injury.

This has been best studied in athletes, and the results indicate that athletes recovering from an injury experienced a faster recovery period when they received massage than those who did not.

What’s true for athletes is also true for the rest of us. If you’re recovering from an injury, do yourself the best favor you can by getting a good, relaxing massage. Your body will thank you for it.

We’re Here to Help with Massage Therapy

As we’ve seen, getting a massage can be a wonderful way to experience better health and wellbeing. The benefits are diverse, from relaxation to better recovery time. If you’re looking to increase your sense of well-being, it doesn’t get much better than a deep tissue massage.


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