Donna Bouthillier

Donna Bouthillier
Massage Therapist

Education: Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, NY, NY. Graduated: 1999. Zero Balancing Health Assoc, Graduated: 2007.

Specialties or Training: Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Zero Balancing, Prenatal Massage, Myofascial. I have studied CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymph Drainage, and various energy balancing techniques.

Favorite Massage Modalities:

I love to do therapeutic work that is also relaxing. I combine Swedish and Deep Tissue and often work rather slowly to address the fascia. I also incorporate aspects of other techniques I have studied, tailoring each session to the needs and goals of the client.

Prenatal massage – it is a joy to help during this very special time.

Zero Balancing – (ZB) is a hands-on mind/body therapy designed to increase an integrated sense of well-being. In a ZB session you will be fully clothed, as I use pressure, lifting, and traction to release deep tension in bones, joints, and soft tissue. Afterwards you may feel “lighter, freer, energized and more in tune with yourself.”

Philosophy on Healing:

Massage addresses the whole person. Not only is every bit of our physicality connected via the beautiful, alive web of fascia – but the mind and spirit are also interwoven throughout. As a massage therapist, as I help you to feel better in your body, to ease tensions and heal from injury or pain, it is my deep hope that you may also feel better in your life.

Exceptional Results:

I worked with a woman who came to me afraid of a possible surgery for her left elbow. She was dealing with pain and weakness, unable to lift much, dropping even light objects. I found tension in her left shoulder and neck, more so than in her arm – and by addressing this she felt almost instantly better. Over a few weeks, seeing me twice a week, and also working with a physical therapist, she was able to avoid surgery. Within a month or two she was able to play pickleball again – something she thought she’d never be able to do! Another effect of the massage was a shift in her mood and energy levels – she felt freer and more optimistic, ready to tackle any hurdles.

OR State License: LMT 



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