Stacie Johnson

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Stacie Johnson
Massage Therapist


  • International Professional School of Bodywork. Graduated in 2006

Specialties or Training: For 18 years now I have been helping others feel better naturally with my special blend of bodywork and energy work. I am experienced in many therapeutic modalities such as relaxation, energy work, crystal and sound healing, pranayama and Kundalini yoga. I continue to learn and I have over 1000 hours of massage education.

Exceptional Results:

I worked with a client who would have back pain that made it hard to do most activities. These episodes would occur 2-3 times a year. I worked with him to get better and return to his normal activities. I suggested he come in monthly to prevent the episodes rather than wait for it to get bad. He did and found that the monthly massages prevented his severe back pain episodes, plus the preventative massage was more enjoyable than treatment while in pain.

OR State License: LMT # 26434



   (541) 484-3055

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