Jennifer Olsen

jennifer olsen

Jennifer Olsen

Owner & Massage Therapist

Education: The Cortiva Massage Institute of Seattle.

Specialties or Training: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Cupping, Hot and Cold Stones, Neuromuscular Therapy, Structural Body work, Prenatal, Oncology Massage, Concussion Treatment, and Sports Massage.

Favorite Massage Modalities: I like doing Deep tissue and Myofascial work.

Philosophy on Healing: What people don’t understand about healing is that after the bruises are gone, and the scars are formed the injury can still remain in the form of restricted motion or pain. Massage is all about releasing contracted muscles and allowing the body to flow back to anatomical position an injury might have pulled it from and thus eliminating those pains and restrictions. In this way Massage is far more than pampering it is essential to healing.

Exceptional Results: I have had many people come in from car accidents. One in particular came in with the inability to stand, concussed and headaches so strong she couldn’t even listen to music, she also couldn’t move her left arm at all above her waist. After Treatment she was able to return to full range of motion and her headaches entirely gone. Another client of mine came in much less severe of injury but in a great deal of pain unable to walk standing upright from pain and moving a bit like a duck after work hunched over a desk, after seeing me weekly for a few sessions I now see her once a month for maintenance and she has been pain free for over three months.

OR State License: LMT #8306



   (541) 484-3055

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