Isaac Boatright

Massage Therapist

Isaac Boatright
Massage Therapist


  • IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage; graduated 2018.
  • Quantum Touch; level 1 certification, 2009 and 2011.

Specialties or Training:

  • Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Swedish, Energy Work, Motor Vehicle Accident Massage, Hot Stone, Chair Massage, Prenatal, Scar Mobilization, Hip/Glute Work.

Favorite Modalities: I often combine Swedish and Lomi Lomi to deeply relax and soothe muscle tissue, connective tissue, and the nervous system. I enjoy adapting my approach to address the needs of each individual.

Philosophy on Healing: I’m fascinated by our ability to change and heal. Massage offers a powerful and deeply restorative experience, and I’m grateful for every opportunity to participate in your healing. As a practitioner I seek to support your innate connection to health on every level. Everything in our lives is connected, which gives us many possibilities to create healing. It’s often easier than we think when we find the right angle of approach, changing our ideas about who we are and what is possible.

Exceptional Results: I’ve been told many times that I have an intuitive touch. I listen to a person’s body and ask what I can do in that moment to create the best therapeutic effect. I feel reverence and wonder as I work with the living body. This being present with the body is, in itself, often very productive.

I worked with a client across a few months who had a shoulder joint replacement. He kept coming back week after week, sharing his joy about the increasing mobility in the joint as I repeatedly massaged the scar tissue, tendons, and muscles of that area. He stayed active and gradually increased the demands on his body. We were both impressed by the power of regular, directed massage to alleviate discomfort and reduced mobility that he was experiencing in the wake of his surgery.

One of my regular clients has shared with me that she keeps coming back because the massages I give her do not feel like a routine. She finds that I treat each visit as an opportunity to meet her where she is at and help her move towards where she wants to be. Her job is demanding of her body and she finds massage essential for her quality of life, and it’s important to her that it does not become too ordinary, too routine.

I’ve had clients who came to me for hand and forearm massages, and later shared with me that my work made the difference between being able to work the next day or having to stay home and rest. Seeing these rapid recoveries has helped me to develop rational optimism and to be confident in doing my best.

OR State License: LMT # 24724

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