Es Rose

Es Rose
Massage Therapist


  • Cortiva Institute of Massage, King of Prussia, PA. Graduated 2012.

Specialties or Training:

  • Pre- and Post-natal, myofascial release, swedish, geriatric, reiki, neck pain

Favorite Modalities: I love working with prenatal clients throughout their pregnancy and fourth trimester. I began my journey through massage school by giving my grandmother massages, and I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to massage many more elderly clients throughout my career. My favorite body part to massage is the neck, and I have become a bit of a “neck specialist” by working with this unique area so often.

Philosophy on Healing: I believe healing is an ongoing process of bringing the body into balance. So often in our fast paced lives, the balance we need is to slow down and find some re-centering and grounding. Massage is a wonderful way of reconnecting with ourselves and tuning into our bodies. When we prioritize taking care of ourselves, we lay the foundation for true healing to unfold.

Exceptional Results: Many of my favorite massage success stories involve the neck. I have wonderful memories of helping many clients regain full mobility in their neck, including one client who could not turn her neck to the right at all on our first session, but by the end of her treatment course she had full range of motion. I have so much gratitude for being able to see my clients come in with less and less neck pain in successive massage sessions.

OR State License: LMT # 25276



   (541) 484-3055

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