Billie Meckel

billie meckle

Billie Meckel
Massage Therapist

Education: Lane Community College. Class of 2017

Specialties or training:
Swedish Massage, deep tissue, Myofascial Unwinding, and trigger point release.

Favorite modalities:
I love to combine deep Swedish massage with oscillating pressure along meridians, and on trigger points. This helps move tension out of the body, like moving debris out of the way, to let a stream flow free.

Philosophy on healing:
For healing to take place, the needs of the body must be heard.
In my massage practice I strive for ‘ever deeper listening’. This means listening intently to clients during our initial intake and developing a keen perceptivity in my hands to sense the needs of the body. When this level of direct communication is reached, the cadence of tension and release can speak for itself, the client is able to receive exactly what is needed from the massage and deep healing is achieved.

Exceptional results:
I have had several clients who have come to me experiencing chronic headaches. Through helping to release the muscles of the shoulders, neck, jaw, and base of the skull, I have helped them to let go of the tension and avoid the headaches before they start. I have also had great success utilizing deep rhythmic pressure to unlock long stuck fascial restrictions in the sacroiliac joint, and hips, to help clients overcome chronic low back, and sciatic pain.

OR State License: LMT# 023467



   (541) 484-3055

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