Andrea Armstrong

andrea armstrong

Andrea Armstrong
Massage Therapist


  • Lane Community College Massage Program, graduated in 2015

Specialties or Training: Swedish, connective tissue, deep tissue, prenatal and postnatal massage.

Favorite Modalities: Connective tissue, deep tissue, aromatherapy, relaxation.

Philosophy on Healing: Massage brings balance to the body in so many ways, interacting with every single one of its systems. I take a holistic approach to achieving client-identified goals in my massages. I rely equally on technical knowledge and intuition, always encouraging input from the client as I believe open communication is essential with this work. I believe it’s also important to remember that everyone’s healing looks different and to allow our bodies their own unique timelines in the process.

Exceptional Results:

I worked with a client in his 70s who had lived an active life until a sudden onset of hip pain left him unable to walk any distance comfortably. Coming to me was his first ever experience with massage therapy. We worked several weeks together, focusing very specifically on releasing the muscles that would allow him to resume walks around the neighborhood and other day to day activities. Once this result was achieved, he continued to see me regularly for maintenance and claimed that massage had helped him recover his mobility and relieve pain more than any other treatment he sought.

I’ve worked with many veterans in my career who were new to receiving massage, and also stated that it was one of the most important components of managing chronic pain and other long-term health issues. I love welcoming people to massage who may not have previously considered its benefits and find their results especially rewarding.

OR State License: LMT #22116



   (541) 484-3055

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