Maria Erskine

Maria Ershine

Maria Erskine
Massage Therapist


  • International Beauty School of Cosmetology  and Massage: 2019
  • Reiki Eugene A Sanctuary for Healing: 2020
  • Licensed Massage Therapist: 2020
  • Reiki Master: 2021

Specialties or Training:

Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage, Chair Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Trigger Point, Cupping(Silicone), Hot Stone, Gua Sha, Thai Self Massage, Reiki Energy Healing.

Philosophy on Healing:
The path of healing should be ever changing and growing, just as we do in our lifetimes. Every individual’s experience and needs are their own when it comes to wellbeing, for we are all different people! In our world we push our bodies to do incredible things day after day. These everyday activities start to wear our physical and mental bodies down. Without some care and love our bodies start to breakdown, making the healing and day to day hard at times.

My job as your reiki healer/massage therapist, is to meet YOU where you are, every session, while providing a safe, accessible, and comfortable space for you to release and make it all a little easier!!  With the training, knowledge, practices, many modalities, and experience over the years, I have a gained a wealth of information to pull from to help me give intuitive, quality and beneficial care both in my session room and for you to use for yourself outside of it!

Communication, trust and respect are an important part of the safe environment and therapeutic relationship I wish to create with all who  I work with.

Body and Energy work with someone who cares and is knowledgeable, can not only make the healing journey easier and KEEP it easy with routine care, it keeps our physical and mental moving. Because your body deserves it!!!

Exceptional Results:
One patient in particular comes to mind when I think of positive results from just one session alone. They came into the office with and incredibly awful and painful looking limp. They had a muscle strain after falling off a horse and they needed healing quickly to be able to ride and take care of their horses. We discussed treatment options and created a care plan for the session based on their needs, and their pain areas. With cupping, DT, gua sha, patience and communication, they were able to leave my session room walking normally! And after some follow up treatments, they were back on the horse (literally!) and enjoying their day to day without pain.
Another patient came to me after a very stressful and intense workday, teary eyed and upset. Upon seeing them and noticing a difference right away, we went to straight to the session room and allowed for open space to decide what treatment would look like for the session! Reiki was decided upon to start, helping welcome in a calm and light energy, encourage a release, and relax the physical and mental body. After they felt more at ease and comfortable, we were able to do some more detailed massage work, relieving tension brought on from the day. Post session they walked away with a whole new energy then when they had come in. The next time I saw them, they shared that the felt immense peace and ease with the situations of that previous session day and were able to navigate how to move forward with a more level and compassionate view.

Success is such a relative term, and all success and improvements should be recognized and appreciated… you did that!!! However, most people do come in with a particular goal or time frame that they are trying to achieve or heal by. To watch people, I work with complete and go beyond these desires is an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience, for the both of us, no matter the achievement.

OR State License: LMT# 25602



   (541) 484-3055

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