Sarah Tumpane

Sarah Tumpane
Massage Therapist


  • Ashland Institute of Massage, graduated 2010.

Specialties or Training:

  • Ashiatsu massage, Ashiatsu Myofacial Massage, Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage.

Favorite Modalities:Combination of Ashiatsu and Myofascial, Faschi-Ashi !

Philosophy on Healing:Our bodies have a beautiful intelligence which keep us on track for a baseline health. When it gets askew due to illness, injury or otherwise, this innate intelligence knows how to return to its natural state via trillions of automatic biological processes. Although sometimes an educated and helping hand, or foot, is in order to help the healing process move not only quicker but more completely.  It’s pretty challenging to reconstruct one’s own scar tissue on a cervical ligament after whiplash, of example, or to increase a shoulder’s range of motion within safe parameters.  Any healing done, or relaxation had, is first and foremost accomplished by the client’s nervous system, my job is simply to facilitate the process!

Exceptional Results: My clients have reported being without pain that they have carried for years. Especially those who are exposed to repeated and on-going stressors to the body report being without pain for weeks (at least) following a massage.

Symptoms from auto accidents steadily improve as we work on them over time. Some auto accident clients went from being unable to do their shopping to being able to do it pain free along with many other tasks!

OR State License: LMT 



   (541) 484-3055

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