Neelam Kanwar

Neelam Kanwar
Ayurvedic Herbalist


  • Masters degrees in Social Work,  Masters in Philosophy in Education from Mumbai University, India.
  • A Lifelong learner of Holistic Wellness practices.
  • Studied and  worked as an assistant to the well-known Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. V Sharma in Jaipur, India.
  • Advanced Professional Herbalist Certification – The Herbalist College (Yograj K. P. Khalsa) Eugene Oregon  2017

Specialties or Training:

  • Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese & Western Herbalism, Marma Point Therapies with special tools & healing Ayurvedic oils, Yogic Breathing, Nutrition and wellness, Mindfulness Meditation.

Philosophy on Healing:

To be healthy is to have a sense of balance and wholeness, to feel connected and complete in body, mind and spirit.  Mere medical fitness or absence of disease is not ‘ Health’. To experience the sense of wholeness or oneness, it is important that in body, mind, and energy functions there is a certain level of intensity and a proper balance. To achieve this we need to practice a system to manage the energy in a manner that body, mind, and  spirit are naturally fine balance.

I use my training and experience to do the following:

  • Cleanse & Nourish the Body
  • Quiet & Focus the Mind
  • Renew & Awaken the Spirit

Exceptional Results:

I have supported the wellness journey of many clients in India and the United States. When I worked in Tiburon I worked primarily with seniors teaching nutrition, herbal tea making, and Ayurvedic cooking.  I helped them alleviate some of their chronic pain and debilitating health challenges.

My best example is how I’ve used my training and skills in my own healing journey.

Nearly a decade ago I was in constant and acute pain in my legs. I was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis of the right knee, with a meniscus tear that aggravated the pain. Surgery appeared to be the only option. I began a regimen of Ayurvedic medicinal Herbs, Marma point Reflexology with special oils, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Yoga, Yogic breathwork & Meditation.  I was able to mitigate the pain and avoid surgery. I have continued with my practices & have been pain free and in excellent health since.

OR State License: LMT #



   (541) 484-3055

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