Hilary Stamback

Hilary Stambackr
Massage Therapist

Specialties or Training:

  • Deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, myofascial release, and certified personal trainer.

Favorite Modalities:Deep tissue massage and functional, restorative exercise

Philosophy on Healing: Healing is a journey we take one day at a time, with consistent effort we can overcome our traumas and be stronger than before. When healing it is important to follow the advice given by healthcare professionals; whether it is following a massage prescription, doing physical therapy exercises, or taking the time for you to do that 10 to 30 minutes of self-care each and every day. The body is a self healing system and it is my job to help facilitate that healing within yourself. I believe one of my callings is to help people live more active and pain free lives, to help educate people about their bodies, and to inspire people to reach for their true potential.

Exceptional Results: In Seattle, I worked with a professional football player in 2018 who got a 2 hour blended deep tissue/sports/relaxation massage every 2 weeks throughout his season. He followed my exercise and stretching recommendations based on what I saw in his body. As well as, showed up early to his daily workouts to spend extra time warming up. He made it through his entire season with no injuries!

Another client success story is with a client who had tendonitis in elbows and was in pain during work and could not play guitar or video games after work because of the pain in his elbows. After 3 months, through massage every 3 weeks and strength training 3x/week this client had no pain in his elbows while working and could spend an hour each evening doing something he enjoyed.

OR State License: LMT #



   (541) 484-3055

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