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Massage Service for any Purpose


Massage Service for any Purpose If you’ve ever enjoyed a massage service, you know how relaxing they can be. However, there are a variety of different kinds of massage service, and they can address a variety of needs. Let’s look at a few different types of massage service and see which one might be [...]

Massage Service for any Purpose2019-07-13T10:47:56-08:00

Massage for Relaxation


Massage for Relaxation The very word ‘massage’ is synonymous with relaxation. If you’ve ever had a professional massage, you know the truth of it: massage can help you to relax, dissolving tension, worry, and anxiety. In fact, massage does a lot more than make you feel good. Those feelings of wellbeing are associated with [...]

Massage for Relaxation2019-07-13T10:46:02-08:00

Aromatherapy for Health and Peace of Mind


Aromatherapy for health and peace of mind Have you ever encountered a smell that relaxed you, or put you in a good mood? Smell can be a surprisingly powerful sense for affecting the mood, and aromatherapy is case in point. Aromatherapy is the use of all-natural, plant-based essential oils to promote feelings of [...]

Aromatherapy for Health and Peace of Mind2019-07-13T10:43:56-08:00

Acupuncture Has Surprising Medical Benefits


Acupuncture has surprising medical benefits Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that has long been known to have significant benefits. New findings, however, indicate that in addition to combating pain, acupuncture may have surprisingly far-reaching benefits for combating a variety of medical symptoms. An acupuncturist performs an acupuncture treatment by lightly inserting very thin [...]

Acupuncture Has Surprising Medical Benefits2019-02-22T04:27:19-08:00

Massage is Good for Your Health


Massage Therapy: A Healthy Treatment Massage therapy can work wonders for your health. While many people find the pleasure of stress relief reason enough to get a massage, there are remarkable health benefits. From helping you to get a better night’s sleep to boosting your immune system, getting a massage is an excellent [...]

Massage is Good for Your Health2019-07-13T10:50:15-08:00

Stretching Exercises for Desk Jockeys


Stretching Exercises for Desk Jockey Syndrome If you spend most of your workday sitting hunched at a desk, you’ve probably experienced some of the aches and pains of Desk Jockey Syndrome. This syndrome is associated with a sedentary work environment, and it poses significant health risks. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate those risks through [...]

Stretching Exercises for Desk Jockeys2019-02-22T04:27:34-08:00

Breathing for Best Results


Breathing for Best Results How to start this new blog post? Well, first take I’ll take a deep breath in… and out. This may sound familiar, or even cliché, to anyone who has been on a massage table or seen movies with massage. But there are a wide variety of reasons breath work is [...]

Breathing for Best Results2019-02-22T04:27:41-08:00


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