Unlock Your Health Potential with Acupuncture

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Did you know that we offer acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at About Touch? Also, did you know that Acupuncture is a wonderful way to treat anxiety, stress and depression?


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Unload Your Worries with Acupuncture

Studies have found that acupuncture improved symptoms in people with anxiety that didn’t respond to other treatments, including psychotherapy and medication. Participants experienced a significant reduction in their anxiety, even 10 weeks after treatment. In a 2016 study, acupuncture was found to be effective for reducing anxiety. The researchers suggested that it impacts how the body triggers the fight-or-flight response.

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Holly Ross: Acupuncturist

Holly is an experienced acupuncture practitioner that has successfully treated countless acupuncture patients for stress, anxiety, and depression-related symptoms. Fill out our contact form to schedule your first appointment today and receive a coupon for $20 off!